About Us

C3I Intelligent Systems is a Cyprus based company whose abilities can be extended from CyberSecurity to Cryptography and from Counter Measures & Counter Monitoring to Industrial Equipment, giving our clientele – both Governmental and Private – the best turn-key solution.

Our values are inextricably linked to security and expertise, to safety and know-how. They are also linked to the customer’s commitment, so that we fully meet his expectations. C3I’s values are so well established that constitute a competitive advantage.

Our goals are wide-ranging, and we aim to a safer world.

We are ISO 9001 certified and provide services under the Facility Security Clearance Certificate for Classified Information, Documents & Materials & Relevant Issues (EU SECRET)


C3i intelligent systems has a vital mission: to secure the world from the many threats we face. This requires the extensive experience and know-how in the areas of integrated implementation of contemporary projects. Our manpower is known for the ability to take over all the key-areas.